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Stefan De Young
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2007
Institution Carleton University ; UWaterloo
Current Occupation Research Assistant
Former Positions Mission Commander, Webmaster
Training Summary

Stefan De Young was a student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute from 2003 to 2007 and a three-year member of the OCESS. He was co-Mission Commander for the 2006-07 year with Brian Foo, and was the Habitat Commander for Coronis.

Stefan obtained his B.Sc. in Physics specialising in both Astrophysics and Applied Physics from the University of Waterloo in 2012. While there he was a member of the Waterloo Space Society and the Waterloo Astronaut Training Corps. Stefan also founded and was the program manager for WatSat, the University of Waterloo Satellite Design Team.

As of 2012, Stefan is an M.A.Sc. candidate in Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, where he works in the Transatmospheric Flight Research Group.

Participation in the OCESS while at Lisgar

Stefan De Young as he appeared in 2007 in Mission Control.
Being mightily impressed by the Planetarium presentation he encountered at the 2003 Grade Eight Night, Stefan contrived to join Spacesim during his Grade 9 year. Unfortunately, a prior commitment to violin lessons caused Stefan to leave Spacesim after only a month.

Having met hereditary simmie Kevan Adlard over the course of the most asinine BTT course offered at Lisgar, Stefan returned to Spacesim in 2004-05. Feeling that Spacesim lacked leadership, at the end of the year, Stefan applied for the position of Mission Commander, but deferred to the seniority of Crystal Xiao and Stephen Smith.

The following year, Stefan engaged himself in the roles of Quartermaster and Webmaster. He displayed lacklustre performance in the former, and made an ass of himself in the latter. Feeling depressed about the lack of updates coming from the top of the top-down organisation, in a fit of pique, Stefan briefly shut down after a protracted rant on the forums. This course of action has been described as "the most bad-ass thing" by then-current webmaster Ben Paul. Stefan thinks it was immature and genuinely stupid.

In his Grade 12 year, Stefan was co-Mission Commander with Brian Foo. He attempted to institute several reforms into the Spacesim architecture including changing the overall hierarchy to extend more power to the Educational branch of Spacesim (EEPs and Planetariums) and his New Deal for Task Forces, which was never popular.

In honour of his dedication to Spacesim, Stefan was presented with the Milary Award in 2006-07, an award which he shared with Kevan Adlard.

Participation in the OCESS after graduation

Having returned to Ottawa for the school year of 2009-10 on a coop work term, Stefan presented the OCESS at the Inaugural Canadian Space Leaders' Roundtable at an event leading up to the 2009 Canadian Space Summit at Royal Military College. Following that presentation, he began preparing promotional materials designed to spread Spacesim to other cities. However, plans to spread Spacesim's influence never came to fruition.

Stefan would represent Spacesim at the CSLR again at the 2012 Canadian Space Summit at the University of Western Ontario. At this meeting, Spacesim's agenda was focused on alignment and integration with local and national space advocacy organizations.

Stefan cooperated with Chris Hawthorne, Matt Farkas-Dyck, and Nevin Hotson to design and build a superior CAPCOM telephone and buzzer system that could run over the Virtual Private Network. It was not completely in place before Daedalus.

Following his reintegration into Spacesim in 2009-10, Stefan became an active member of the Wiki introducing such elements as the Planets Project and largely spearheading the attempt to revamp the OCESS Procedures Manual.


Stefan served as an Astronaut on three Main Missions, and attended one as an alumnus.

Mars 2005

During the 2004-05 year, only two people requested to be astronauts. Jonathan Scothorn and Stefan were asked to fill out the crew, as having a crew of two would not be enough to man the Habitat effectively. And so, Stefan De Young, Mor Levy, Songyan Cai, and Jonathan Scothorn set off in 2005 for the red planet.

Prometheus 2006

In the year 2006, Stefan De Young applied to be an astronaut for that year’s mission to Titan. Not only did he apply for that position, but for the first few months of the scholastic year, it was widely assumed that Stefan would occupy the role of Habitat Commander due to the unwillingness of either Mission Commander to fulfill that duty. Stephen Smith eventually took command of the Habitat.

Stefan’s role on the 2006 mission was to have been robotics specialist. Unfortunately, the robot, Robbie, was found to be defective and was not brought along on the mission. Stefan then became the Tech Specialist.

Coronis 2007

Stefan commanded the 2006-07 mission to Borrelly during which occured such notable events as Bunkbedgate.

Daedalus 2010

Stefan helped out the simulators and Night MC during Daedalus 2010. He is most remembered for trying to introduce more rigorous LOGS standards in Mission Control.

Stefan also took on the role of Chief Photographer, and recorded the final days of the mission in Mission Control as well as the landing. He took 435 photos over a span of 24 hours, much to the consternation of his subjects.


Stefan was a member of Spacesim's first UTSDC team "The Ottawa-Carleton Education Space Simulation Engineering Division," in 2006-07. The team, led by Brian Foo took second place and best technical report in the senior category.

Stefan and Jonathan Scothorn were on the Senior Orchestra trip to Austria and Germany, and didn't return until two weeks before the competition. This led to a last minute burst of frenzied activity leading up to the presentations in Toronto, which famously left Stefan waking up on the floor of his washroom at home with no recollection of why he decided to sleep there. His dedication to duty to the point of physical exhaustion was made much of by the other members of his team, and he was mercilessly teased.

In addition to the Orchestra Trip's effects on the team, Stefan and Jonathan had to participate in Senior Music Night on the night before the competition. This led them to take the midnight bus to Toronto, arriving at the University of Toronto's New College Residence towards five in the morning. Following that evening, a tradition of not sleeping very much was established.

Stefan was in charge of the entertainment sections of the space hotel Endeavour that the team designed, and he drew inspiration from Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game leaving the central cylinder of the hotel empty except for a series of platforms that could be reconfigured into any arrangement. This room was to have been used as a venue for microgravity dancing and laser tag.


Stefan's online handle "Stefanido," which is used on the Wiki, and was previously used on the Forums, is derived from a skit that he co-wrote and acted in in Gr. 6 at Rockliffe Park Public School. The plot of the skit, entitled Charlie's Aliens, revolved around the recovery of the moon (in the form of a basketball), which had been "stolen" by The Evil Stefanido. The skit was intended as a dramatic introduction to Earth's satellite and space missions that had visited it and involved such entertaining elements as a quiz show and a song and dance routine.