Stephen Smith

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Stephen smith.JPG
Stephen Smith
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2005-06
Institution Mount Allison and Queens
Current Occupation Student
Former Positions Mission Commander, EEP Commander

Stephen Smith is an OCESS alumnus who served the post of EEP Commander and, in his last year (2005-06), Mission Commander. He is know to be a strong advocate for the revival of the EEPs, of which he was the last active practitioner, a believer in Monty Python references, and a benevolent Mission Commander. He is credited with first contacting the UTSDC along with his co-mission commander, Crystal Xiao.

During the year of his Mission Commander-ship, he initially declined the chance to command the Habitat, choosing instead to stay on earth. However, as the mission time approached, Stephen changed his mind and took part in the mission to Titan.

Stephen's poor spelling led to the Fan Controls at 440 Albert's old room being labelled "Release the Wind Hamster Demonds".

The fan controls in the old simulation room.