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Admiral Jim Magwood
Mission Commander Maclean Rouble
Subcommander Peter Macdonald
Education Commander Lyra Evans
Planetarium Commander Amalissa Hum
Engineering Commander Matt Farkas-Dyck
Webmaster Ben Paul
Wikimaster Ian Martin, Samuel Baltz
Quartermaster Olivia Frank
Mission Name Daedalus 2010
Mission Destination Io, Ganymede, and Europa
Mission Dates February 22 - February 27 2010
Location Ottawa Tech
Membership ~45



The first year that:

Mission Debriefing Notes

Please see Debriefing 2009-10 for the 2009-10 debriefing notes for Daedalus 2010.

Task Forces

Leader Ben Paul
Purpose Create a highly immersive simulation via the camera and speaker systems
Members Samuel Baltz, Arrian Amir-Rafiei, Morgan Mersereau

Telephones and Buzzers
Leader Stefan De Young
Purpose Build a buzzer network capable of being run over the VPN to complement the CAPCOM Task Force.
Members Nevin Hotson, Chris Hawthorne, Matthew Farkas-Dyck

Leader Ian Martin
Purpose Build curtains for the bunk beds in the longhouse so the astronauts could have some privacy.
Members Morgan Mersereau, Mikaela Stiver, Euan Wheaton, Mimi Lam

Leader Chris Hawthorne
Purpose Build a multi-telephone hardline CAPCOM system. Design analogue-digital converter to run CAPCOM over a VPN.
Members Stefan De Young, Matt Farkas-Dyck, Samuel Baltz

Door Panels
Leader Samuel Baltz
Purpose Build and install Door Panels that will receive information from EECOM to inform astronauts as to whether it is or is not safe to open a door. The panels were designed by Dr. Magwood and Lyra Evans.
Members Peter Macdonald, Bryn Beynon

Engineering Closet
Leader Lyra Evans
Purpose Clean up the Engineering Closet and add details that will contribute to the Beta Reality.
Members Samuel Baltz

Helmets and Backpacks
Leader Maclean Rouble
Purpose Create backpacks to complete the EVA Suits and build additional helmets
Members Christian Angel, Elizabeth Robson Gordon, Jane MacLeod, Zola Magwood, Nick Goddard, Mimi Lam, Max Jeffcott

Leader Maclean Rouble
Purpose Create a submersible for use on Europa
Members Jane MacLeod, Christian Angel, Mikaela Stiver

Planetary Surface
Leader Amalissa Hum
Purpose Design and build the Planetary Surface.
Members Olivia Frank, Zola Magwood, Jane MacLeod, Elizabeth Robson Gordon, Bryn Beynon, Max Jeffcott, Ben Paul
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