Arrian Amir-Rafiei

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Arrian Amir-Rafiei
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2012
Institution Algonquin College
Current Occupation Plumber/Pipefitter
Former Positions Quartermaster, Director of Tech and Engineering, Mission Commander

Arrian is a former member of OCESS. He joined in 2008-09 as a grade nine and has been an astronaut on two missions, he has been a simulator in 2008-09 and was in MC as a mission specialist during the 2009-10 mission. In 2010-11, Arrian was the Tech Director as well as an Astronaut on the main mission. In the 2011-12 school year, Arrian was the Mission Commander.


Arrian's callsign is "FANCY" in reference to his fanciful piloting skills during mission Dragan 2011 and for his particularly interesting way of saying the word fancy. An unofficial callsign, "FIXIT" or Mr. Fixit is also used by some alumni in the organization.