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Admiral Jim Magwood
Mission Commander Ian Martin
Deputy Mission Commander Olivia Frank
Education Commander Samuel Baltz
Deputy Education Commander Nick Eglin
External Affairs Subcommander Euan Wheaton
Director of Web and Archives Chen-tao LaRochelle
Archivemaster Alex Mendes
Wikimaster rotational basis
Director of Tech and Engineering Arrian Amir-Rafiei
Quartermaster rotational basis
Officemaster rotational basis
Mission Patch: TBD
Mission Name Drake-Sagan 2011
Mission Destination Gliese 581 g
Mission Dates February 29 - March 4, 2011
Location 440 Albert
Membership ~45


2010-11 is the year in which:

  • The new hierarchy was proposed in the 2010 Proposal to Change the Hierarchy.
  • The year of conduits/in-habitat patch panel. This was the result of a complete revamp of the Alpha Systems. Although it was prompted by the School Board and consumed the first semester of worksessions, it resulted in an entire network of conduits and tracks, as well as the installation in Command and Control of a large patch panel. This allows the astronauts to actively replace parts of the network or phones by switching cables or switching the ports used (which of course must be accompanied by a corresponding switch on the other end, leading to an increased necessity for communication in the solving of Beta problems), and it means a better and more organised system with more fail-safes.
  • Training was planned to be revamped, with proper Task Force leaders constantly in charge of training members in various stations.
  • EEPs were planned to be brought back for the first time since 2005-06.
  • Training Missions were planned to be revamped; instead of semi-regular training missions, workshops will be held as they were a decade ago and longer. Members will sign up or be selected for a work session-long workshop on certain tasks necessary for Spacesim.
  • The first Automated Mission was launched in this year.
  • The first educational seminars were held in recent history.
  • The first mission to a location outside our solar system.
  • The first workshops at a work session were conducted since at least 10 years before (the only remaining knowledge of workshops comes from a hand-scrawled note, in a color of ink and a style of handwriting [blue, large cursive] similar to that of the venerable Milary, found in Keplernicus. Because of this it is theorized that the OCESS had no training worksessions for at least 15 years before the one on February 4, 2011).

Task Forces

Airtight Habitat (proposed)
Leader TBD
Purpose To make the Hawking II more "airtight," especially with regard to the doors.
Members TBD

EEPs Training
Leader Samuel Baltz
Purpose To get members ready to conduct EEPs.
Members Everyone

Orbit Training
Leader Arrian Amir-Rafiei
Purpose To train members in use of all Orbit software.
Members Everyone

Leader Chen-tao LaRochelle
Purpose To embellish the Hab for the purpose of the simulation: engines will be added as well as creating an outer hull to the Hab.
Members Sam Downs, Nick Goddard, Chen-tao LaRochelle, Amanda McColl

Automated Mission Development
Leader Samuel Baltz
Purpose Come up with goals, procedures, and methods for the automated mission.
Members Ben Paul, Jibril Jeewanjee, Max Jeffcott, Matt Dunbar, Lawrence Maroun

Veil of Darkness (proposed)
Leader Lyra Evans
Purpose Create "more fancy" planetary surface constructs.
Members TBD
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