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The Beta Reality encompasses anything that takes place in the world of the Mission. Everything within the Beta Reality is bound by The Golden Rule. The opposite of Beta Reality is Alpha Reality.

Elements of the Beta Reality

Suspension of Disbelief

These are only some of the aspects of the Beta Reality that differ from the Alpha Reality:

  • The Habitat actually does fly in space
  • The EVA Suits actually are air-tight and have air tanks
  • The telephone system actually is a set of radio transceivers
  • EECOM actually does measure the gases in each module
  • A hole in the side of a module actually does cause decompression of that module
  • The Engine sounds actually emanate from an engine that is connected to the Engineering Closet. The Engineering Closet also houses crucial power systems.
  • The aluminum taped ShopVac is actually an air compression system, and the metal boxes with masses of wires actually control power systems.


Simulators do not exist in the Beta Reality. Everything done by the simulators is presumed to be automated. For example, when the simulators vent a room, it is because of a hole in that room or a loss of life support to that room. When there is an asteroid warning or a master alarm, this is because the software has deteced an asteroid or a systems malfunction.

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