Nick Eglin

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Leftmost in fore (wearing hat)

Leftmost in fore, wearing hat

Nick Eglin
Current Grade 17
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position Deputy Education Commander
Former Positions None
Callsign N/A
Pronouns N/A

Nick Eglin joined Spacesim during his grade 12ish year, though he had attended Spacesim events prior and knew quite a few members. He is known for his facial hair and resemblance to a bear. His wiki and forum usernames are Exonar. He is also the 2010-11 Deputy Education Commander, a role notable for being completely overshadowed by Samuel Baltz and his myriad proposals.

Useful Stuff

  • Helped Ben Paul set up the speaker system.
  • Once made a pretty cool speech about something or other.
  • Has awesome facial hair.
  • Is trying to rebuild the Robbie controller to act as a pilot interface.
  • Knows more about Star Wars history than real history.
  • Writes parody songs.
  • Has a love affair with duct tape.
  • Once tied his shoes one handed while blindfolded.
  • Is an OC Transpo Master
  • Is an Trolling Master
  • Is a Janitor Master
  • Is a Shelter Building Master
  • Is a Foreign City Navigation Master
  • Achieved all those masteries with Samuel Baltz.


The doodle in question, courtesy of Ian Martin

While Nick has never actually competed in UTSDC, a doodle of his face attended with Spacesim's 2010 envoy.

Beta Canon

In the Beta Lore, Nick Eglin was executed in 2015 for committing a series of egregious court martialable offenses in the presence of superior officers.