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Lisgar Collegiate Institute, sometimes referred to as "Lisgar" or "The Institution" is Ottawa's oldest high school and home of the OCESS.


Lisgar started in 1843 as a grammar school with an enrollment of about 40. The names and location of the school changed frequently during the first several years, eventually settling in 1873 in its current location under the name Ottawa Collegiate Institute. Construction began in 1874, with the total cost of the land and building at $59,000 including $100 paid to a squatter to use the land.

The school prospered and grew throughout both world wars, during which a rifle range was built into the top floor. The school was re-named Lisgar Collegiate Institute in 1920 when the school split from Glebe High School.

Today, Lisgar houses a student body of about 1087 students; 90% of which will head off to university next fall. Lisgar has a strong reputation as an academic school, with numerous educational programs such as French Immersion, Advanced Placement, Enrichment, etc. and has generally done well in numerous boardwide math and science contests.

Lisgar and Spacesim

Lisgar was one of the first schools to host a club similar to Spacesim and was one of the founding schools of the International Student Space Simulation. Lisgar students and teachers, as well as alumni are the driving force behind Spacesim and it is very fair to call Lisgar the home of the OCESS. It also houses the Sim Office and the numerous other clubs which share the school with Spacesim. Lisgar is Spacesim's recruitment pool. It is where OCESS holds its annual Week of Hype. Spacesim recruits many new members each year at Clubs Day.


Lisgar is located at 29 Lisgar Street. The Spacesim Office can be found in Room 414 (formerly 314 in the old numbering system) on the top floor.

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