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The Spacesim Office is room 414 at Lisgar Collegiate Institute, a high school in downtown Ottawa. It is on the top floor of the North Building, at the far Western end of the hall. The office is mainly used as a lunch time hangout for those seeking sanctuary from the bustle of the halls, or those who seek the warmth of a glowing cathode ray tube.

Historically, the office has been in official control of the teacher-advisor. However, since its creation during the renovation of the Science Floor, it has been occupied by students. Because of this, keys are provided to the Commanders and some senior members, one of whom must be present when other students are using the office.


Lyra Evans, Ben Paul, Cheyenne Carty, Nevin Hotson, and Alex Foo relax in the Sim Office in 2006-07

The Sim Office was, in the past, mainly a place of recreation housing two Sega Genesis machines. The Mission Commanders, however, intend for it to be used for work.

To that end, an old Macintosh computer with word processing capabilities and a printer had been installed by the Mission Commanders of 2006-07 to allow for the drafting of Spacesim related documents in the Office. The Macintosh was removed from the Office later that year, and the printer archived. In 2009 it was brought to Ottawa Tech and hooked up to Fu.

Currently, a fully-fledged network of PCs obtained from the West-Stairs Spawn Point by the grace of computers and physics teacher, Mr. Kronberg, resides in the office, and offers a full simulation in the form of a piloting, EECOM, engineering, and simulator computer. This allows members to practice their software skills without needing access to the facilities at Ottawa Tech. These computers may be used for mission control operations in 2009-10.

The office previously housed a telephone capable of "dialing-out" that was used several times to contact schools for the Galileo Challenge and planetariums.


Various Sim Lore articles are posted on the Sim office bulletin boards. These include Trogdor lyrics, news articles concerning Pink Water, and a proposal for a kitty-butter star drive.

There is also a multitude of objects that adorn the shelves and sometimes the walls of the Sim Office (most of which are dormant in the various drawers they now occupy) including Sebulba.

Additionally, the Spacesim Office Filing Cabinet is widely regarded as a source of infinite and untold wisdom and Sim Lore, including floor plans of old and current facilites, artifacts from old EEPs and a Summer Camp, and even folders that may not be opened containing old applications for various positions. Occasionally the filing cabinets become locked when neglectful members lean against the locking mechanism.