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Mission Commander 2021-2022: Cesare Corazza

The Mission Commander is one of the Commanders of OCESS. The Mission Commander is in charge of the mission and related tasks, objects, and people. During the mission, the Mission Commander is usually the highest ranking officer aboard the Habitat (Habitat Commander), and is therefore in command of the astronauts. For the analogous Mission-Specific Mission Control role, see Mission Control Commander.


Hopeful Mission Commanders, like other Commanders, submit an application (called a Commander App) at the end of each school year. These applications are read and evaluated by the current Mission Commander and the Admiral. The Mission Commander is chosen from the applicants and announced at the end-of-year barbeque. The announcement is usually accompanied by a small ceremony, involving the handing over of Office keys, the Command Patch, and much applause.


As the Mission Commander is in charge of the mission, there are many responsibilities that come with the rank. Prior to the mission, the Mission Commander, usually with the help of their Subcommander, must compose the Astronaut Applications, select the astronauts, plan the mission (including meal schedules, shift schedules, experiments, navigation data, and any other paperwork), and ensure that the Habitat is properly prepared for the mission. During the mission, the Mission Commander is in charge of the Habitat and its crew and must keep them working efficiently. It is the Mission Commander's responsibility to finalize decisions, to oversee the completion of all other crewmembers' duties, to keep morale up, to adhere to the mission schedules, and to ensure the safe return of the Habitat and its astronauts.

Former System

Prior to 2007-08, there were two Mission Commanders, one of whom stayed in Mission Control as the Mission Control Commander while the other embarked on the Habitat as the Habitat Commander. This was changed after Stefan's Proposal to Change the Hierarchy and the Evans and Scothorn models.

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