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Habitat Commander is the title that is given to the Mission Commander in charge of the astronauts. This commander participates in the mission from within the Habitat.


This position is sometimes referred to as Astronaut Commander, as it is the most important astronaut role. He or she has total control within the Habitat. They are still, however, under the direct control of Mission Control and the Mission Control Commander.

Usually, though not always, the Mission Commander who happens to be an astronaut is appointed this task. However, when both Mission Commanders decide to work in Mission Control, a separate Habitat Commander is chosen.

Historically, the Habitat Commander produced the astronaut shift schedules, and was in charge of the astronauts through the mission. Any mission critical decisions to be made when Mission Control could not be contacted were done by the Habitat Commander.

Duties and Procedures

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Currently, the Mission Control Commander is in charge of creating all shift schedules, and the Habitat Commander can only override Mission Control in accordance with their discretionary powers.