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The rank of Director describes a Spacesim member who ranks below a Commander in the club. In the 2010-11 Hierarchy there were two levels of directors: Director and Subdirector. Directors have certain specializations, such the resource management, training, and the various sim websites.


Directors are just below subcommanders in the club Administration hierarchy. The rank of Director encompasses the positions of Director of Resources, Director of Training, and Webmaster, as is clarified on the List of Leadership Positions. Also worth noting is that Directors in this category have no more authority outside of their domain than any ordinary member of Spacesim. However, any advice given by a director will be taken with the weight due to an older member in a position of responsibility.


Subdirectors lie below directors in the hierarchy. Subdirectors are usually in charge of something very specific, or work with a director such as the Webmaster to complete large tasks in comparison to the Wikimaster, who helps out with managing the wiki. It is worth noting that the Quartermaster was formerly a position reserved for junior leadership, and only when Olivia Frank was instated as Quartermaster in 2009-10 were the full priveleges of a Director conferred upon the holder of this office. Subdirectors in the 2010 hierarchy do not hold a position for the entire year but rather the position rotates between junior members on a monthly basis.