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The Wikimaster(s) are in charge of making sure the Wiki runs smoothly, is full of content, and has little or no spelling or grammar mistakes. They are charged with preserving all knowledge of Spacesim for future generations. They are considered to be Subdirectors in the administration hierarchy. As Subdirectors Wikimasters are no longer considered to be Executives. Wikimaster is also a rotating position, given to a different member each month so as to give as many members as possible the opportunity to learn and help out with the wiki.

Wikimasters are selected not only for the frequency and usefulness of their edits but for their understanding of the Wiki's main goal: to preserve information for future members and to educate the public about Spacesim's history and mission.

Wiki Task Force

Main article: Wiki Task Force

The Wiki Task Force is a team of Spacesim members including the Wikimasters and Webmaster. They fall under the umbrella title of the "Spacesim Web Department". Most members of the task force do not have SysOp privileges, with the exception of the Webmaster.