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The Public Relations Director, or PR Director, is a currently nonexistent position in charge of Spacesim's public relations. The PR Director has been in charge of activities geared towards publicizing Spacesim. This may include searching for sponsors, scripting assemblies, or even organizing press conferences. The post was revived in 2005-06 by Stefan De Young, but was discontinued in 2007-08 as the commanders shared the publicity work amongst themselves.

External Affairs Subcommander

Main article: External Affairs Commander

The 2010 Proposal to Change the Hierarchy includes the position of External Affairs Commander, a modern revivial of the PR Director, and one which will have much the same duties. However, the External Affairs Commander will be a Subcommander rather than a director, and thus will be much higher in the hierarchy than the PR Director. The EA Commander will lift a good deal of work from the Commanders.