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Yearbook 2006-07.JPG
Admiral Dr. James Magwood
Mission Commanders Stefan De Young and Brian Foo
EEP Commanders Jonathan Scothorn and Jeff Gao
Planetarium Commanders Alex Foo, Guangye Cao
Mission Name Coronis
Mission Destination Comet Borrelly
Mission Dates Feb. 27th--March. 3rd
Location Ottawa Tech
Mission Astronauts Stefan De Young, Jonathan Scothorn, Nevin Hotson, Lauren Delrio, James Cooper, Anthony Xing
Webmaster Nevin Hotson
PR Director Guangye Cao
Office Director N/A
Membership ~20

The UTSDC Team composed of Brian Foo, Guangye Cao, Jonathan Scothorn, Alex Foo, and Stefan De Young placed second in the competition, and received the award for Best Technical Report.

International Astronomy Day

Spacesim presented some modified EEPs demos at the National Museum of Science and Technology on April 27, 2007 in cooperation with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for the International Day of Astronomy.

Jeffrey Gao and Jim Magwood setup for International Day of Astronomy on April 27, 2007.
Brian Foo and Matt Farkas-Dyck test the hovercraft in preparation for the festivities.


The first year that:

Task Forces

Control Panel
Leader Jim Magwood
Purpose Interface switches, LEDs, and other physical objects with the ORBIT software.
Members Anthony Xing, Stefan De Young

Harold II
Leader Brian Foo
Purpose Purpose Unknown
Members No Consistent Members

Bunk Beds
Leader Kevan Adlard
Purpose Create a convenient sleeping area for the astronauts.
Members Alex Foo
Ben Paul installs drawers in the Longhouse kitchen area as part of the drawers task force of 2006-07.
Storage Module Organisation
Leader Jeff Gao
Purpose Make sure all tools are readily accessible at all times.
Members Ben Paul, Lyra Evans

Leader Kenneth Lindsay
Purpose To render the facilities clean and prevent fire-marshal ire.
Members People who aren't working hard enough.

Leader Kevan Adlard
Purpose To create drawers for the kitchenette in the Longhouse
Members Ben Paul

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