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The Deputy Education Commander is the position in the administration that is in charge of running Spacesim's Planetarium and EEPs programs. This position falls under the category of Subcommander. This position grew out of the Planetarium Commander in the pre-2010-11 hierarchy.

Until 2007-08 there were two Planetarium Commanders, until Stefan's Proposal to Change the Hierarchy. The Planetarium Commander position in its current incarnation was created in 2007-08, and was given to Jen Li. However, by the end of the year Lyra Evans held the position in fact if not in name. There have not been EEPs Commanders in a very long time, but plans to start them up for the 2010-11 school year are well under way. Once EEPs are again in effect, it will be mandatory for both the Education Commander and their Deputy to be familiar with the EEPs demonstrations so that either one can lead a demo if necessary.