Nevin Hotson

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Nevin Hotson
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2007-08
Institution RMC
Current Occupation Student
Former Positions Mission Commander, Webmaster

Nevin Hotson has been a member of the OCESS since September 2005. He has participated in the Mission for each of his three years in the Simulation, acting as an Able Crewman on Prometheus, Chief Engineer on Coronis, and Habitat Commander on Red Dawn.

In the OCESS


In 2005-06, Nevin worked on such projects as the Habitat doors and the plumbing system. He participated in that year's EEP, the last one done in the past six years, and in two planetarium presentations. On Mission Prometheus, he held the fairly nondescript job of Able Crewman.


Nevin began 2006-07 by taking on the role of Webmaster. Most of his time at work sessions continued to be spent working on the doors, which gradually morphed into the bane of his existence by defying all attempts to make them work.

During Mission Coronis, he was notable chiefly for his work in the position of Chef Engineer and for his involvement in Bunkbedgate. His participation in a planned Extended EVA was cancelled due to Alpha weather conditions.


In 2007-08, Nevin was selected as Mission Commander for his final year in the OCESS. Initiatives undertaken during his tenure included the construction of the Engine Closet, the development and partial implementation of the NOVEL system, and the final development of a door system that actually works.

As Habitat Commander during Mission Red Dawn, Nevin led the mission to a generally successful and only slightly tardy conclusion while managing to transmit a cold to most of his crew.

Outside the OCESS

Nevin was on Lisgar's Reach for the Top team since Grade 9, and was the captain and top scorer in 2007-08.

After his high school career, Nevin continued his studies at the Royal Military College in Kingston, obtaining a BEng in Aeronautical Engineering in 2012. He is currently training as a maintenance engineer on the CH-124 Sea King, an aircraft that is about as reliable as the Hawking II was.

Contributions after graduation

During Daedalus, Nevin returned to Spacesim having obtained leave from RMC for reading week. During that time, he was instrumental in helping Stefan De Young wire up a buzzer system for concurrent use with the improved multi-phone CAPCOM developed by Chris Hawthorne, Matt Farkas-Dyck, and Stefan De Young. Unfortunately, the buzzer system was incomplete prior to Daedalus.