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The Chief Engineer is the astronaut responsible for managing the Habitat's systems before and during the mission.


Typical tasks which the Chief Engineer performs include:

  • Managing the Power Grid software
  • Coordinating repairs to the Habitat
  • Discussing matters related to Engineering Systems with Mission Control, such as
    • Repair or replacement of damaged components
    • Contingency plans in case of emergency

Chief Engineers and Sim Lore

The most common reference to the Chief Engineer in Sim Lore is a pun. During the preparation for the 2005-06 Mission Mission Prometheus, Nevin Hotson was assigned the title "Chief Engineer" by the current Mission Commander Steven Smith. Due to Steven's typo, Nevin was then refered to as the Chef Engineer. With the new title he was then given the preparation of food duty. The pun stems from the word 'chef' meaning 'Chief' in French and 'Cook' in English.