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The Week of Hype (WoH) is a week of Spacesim-organized activities held on the same week as Clubs Day so that Spacesim can set up the Planetarium. It is usually accompanied by a viral poster campaign.

First Week of Hype

The first Week of Hype was an attempt by former Public Relations Officer Stefan De Young to increase awareness of the OCESS among the students of Lisgar by running lunchtime activities for students during the 2005-06 year. These activities included hovercraft rides, a Planetarium demonstration, a tour of the Albert Street facilities, Liquid Nitrogen explosions, bake sales and the ever-popular distribution of Liquid Nitrogen Marshmallows during lunch hours, and in some cases after school, of the WoH. The WoH suffered from poor planning and animosity from the administration, culminating in the cancellation of the planned assembly for all students, and failed to achieve the desired effect. Turnout for activities varied, and it was determined that there was no net member gain due to the WoH. However, it raised awareness, and perhaps changed the perception of the OCESS that many people held.

The three most successful activities of the Week of Hype were definitely the bake sales, the hovercraft rides, and the Planetarium, all of which did not involve making students go out of their way to see them. These activities took place in the Mall and in the Main Hall. All the other activities took place on the fourth floor of the school, the open house at Ottawa Tech excepted. These events, combined with daily announcements read by the PR Director, fulfilled the goal of the Week of Hype.


For a good time after that year, there were annual Weeks of Hype. However, in the 2007-08 year, it was misspelled by the school administration, and therefore the school agendas from that year say "Week of Height", causing an outbreak of puns about the height (and lack of) of certain members. As it turned out, during that Week of "Height", office staff accidentally mispronounced "Spacesim" as "Space-ism" and confused "bottle rockets" with "battle rockets".

2013-14 Week of Hype

This Week of Hype was carried out by Commanders Patrick Melanson, Alex Mersereau, and Matthew Dunbar (who was a secret commander at the time). This Week of Hype's purpose was to boost the membership of the OCESS with Grade 9s, before most of the major members graduated. This was achieved by printing out lots of posters, and having daily events. These events included after-school movies in the auditorium, software demos/training in the office. The outcome is still to be determined, as it is on-going.

Clubs Day

Main article: Clubs Day

At Lisgar's Clubs Day, clubs are assigned places in the Mall where they set up displays to promote their organization. Spacesim usually takes up more than one place to allow room for the Planetarium as well as a surface to hand out liquid nitrogen marshmallows. Unfortunately, due to Spacesim's reputation, many people sign up themselves or friends as a joke. This notwithstanding, Spacesim recruits many potential members at Clubs Days.