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Admiral Jim Magwood
Mission Commander Patrick Melanson
Deputy Mission Commander Jared Kelly and Noah Slavich
Education Commander Alex Mersereau
Deputy Education Commander Larissa Ulitsky
Director of Web and Archives TBA
Director of Training Spencer Whitehead
Mission Patch: TBD
Mission Name Magellan 2014
Mission Destination Alpha Centauri Alpha B
Mission Dates February 24 - March 1
Location 440 Albert
Membership ~24


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2012-13 2013-14 2014-15

An ambitious Week of Hype was launched at the beginning of this year. This year's mission was a test of the long-term hibernation capabilities of the Hawking III, as well as the first conventional journey to another star system. A large influx of grade 9s interested in spacesim as the current senior members are leaving will ensure that the boom/bust cycle of spacesim experience and membership will continue.

Task Forces

Leader Spencer Whitehead
Purpose To ensure that everyone is trained in essential software and procedures.
Members People who need it

Leader Spencer Whitehead
Purpose To note down any significant events that happen at worksessions.
Members Spencer

Tile Sim Loft
Leader Ryan Torrington-Smith
Purpose To make the sim loft floor nice to walk on.
Members Ryan, Matt, Spencer

Control panels
Leader Charles Holtforster
Purpose To make an actual control panel for the engineering software.
Members Charles, Ian, Tristan, Emily

Software development and testing
Leader Jim Magwood
Purpose To make sure that the software is bug free and working properly.
Members No Consistent Members

Door circuits
Leader Kaeden Seburn
Purpose To make the doors actually connect to EECOM and the lights beside the doors truely reflect the status of the door.
Members Kaeden Seburn, Lyra

Engineering closet
Leader Claire Grimwood
Purpose To make the engineering closet look better and have functionality.
Members Claire

Habitat interactables
Leader Jared Kelly
Purpose To make sure that all things in the hab that can be interacted with and have something go wrong, and things that could go wrong and how they could be fixed. Also implementing a formal request process (to be described in detail once finalized) that will be used to make sure that any new hab intractables will be documented.
Members Trajan Lee

Fake fire extinguishers and fake fires
Leader Jared Kelly
Purpose To have a fake fire system that the astros can fight with the fake fire extinguishers, in order to make a way to fight beta fires, instead of just venting a room.
Members Matthew MacDonald

Camera digitizing
Leader Phil
Purpose To allow the camera feeds to be sent over a LAN.
Members Phil, Gabe

Cleaning the hab
Leader Wade Theriault
Purpose To have a completely clean hab.
Members Wade

Procedures manual
Leader Annabelle Grimes
Purpose To have a complete and up-to-date training manual and procedures manual that people can use.
Members Kaeden Seburn, Annabelle Grimes

Rover Recovery
Leader Maxim Billig
Purpose To restore the rover to a usable state, with an onboard power source, digital camera, and scientific equipment.
Members Maxim, Evan

Leader Patrick Melanson
Purpose To rewrite all programs into a more maintainable state.
Members Patrick Melanson, Spencer Whitehead, Ryan T-Smith, Emily Clarke, Ben Wilkins
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