Matthew Dunbar

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Matt dunbar.JPG
Matthew Dunbar
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2012-13
Institution University of Toronto
Current Occupation Student
Former Positions Mission Commander, Deputy Mission Commander

Matthew Dunbar, often referred to as "Dunbar", to avoid confusion with Matthew Farkas-Dyck and Matthew Pelletier, is a Spacesim member and current Lisgar Collegiate Institute student. He participated in nearly all of Spacesim's pizza runs after joining in October 2009, including the latest such run. He was elected Mission Subcommander for the 2011-2012 school year.

Daedalus 2010

Matthew Dunbar participated in Mission Control during Mission Daedalus 2010.

Drake-Sagan 2011

Matthew Dunbar was an astronaut during Mission Drake-Sagan (Dragan) 2011.