Daedalus 2010

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Daedalus 2010
Year 2009-10
Mission Destination Io, Ganymede, Europa
Mission Dates Feb. 22 - Feb. 27, 2010
Habitat Commander Maclean Rouble
Subcommander Peter Macdonald
Mission Control Commander Ben Paul
Simulator Commander Amalissa Hum

Daedalus could also refer to the first Mission Daedalus, or Mission Alpha (2006).

The 2010 Mission to Io, Ganymede and Europa, or Mission Daedalus, was the first mission in the Hawking III, with the exception of the brief Genesis. The name was voted on by an assembly of members during a meeting; it was proposed by Chen-tao LaRochelle.

Mission Purpose

On Io, the astronauts were to collect samples of volcanic dust ejected by tectonic activity on the moon's surface for analysis. They were to land on Ganymede to set up Terraforming equipment, and on Europa to deploy an unmanned submersible in Europa's liquid water ocean to explore it and its rocky planetary core. One of the mission's driving thesis was of there having life on Europa.

Mission Debriefing Notes

Please see Debriefing 2009-10 for the 2009-10 debriefing notes for Daedalus 2010.



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