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The first aid kit
The medical officer, or medic, is the member of the astronaut crew who is responsible for the safety and well being of themselves and the rest of the crew. They are in charge of the first aid kit. This rank is assigned to the astronaut with the most medical expertise, usually First Aid Certification. The medic position, like Engineer and Com Officer, is not always officially given.


While the role of medic is not formally associated with a high rank, the medic does have the power to overrule a commander if she/he believes them to be compromised. The may also give orders to other astronauts if they believe it medically necessary. For example, if an astronaut is obviously suffering from fatigue and it is affecting their performance, the medic may order them to get some rest.

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit has been nicknamed "Daisy" after Daisy Wong, the first official Medical Officer.

Duties and Procedures

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