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The Simulator Commander is a secret rank, usually held by a club commander. The Simulator Commander is a mission-specific rank and thus has no official power outside of the mission.

The Simulator Commander can be chosen either by the Mission Control Commander or by the Admiral depending on how comfortable the Mission Control Commander is with knowing about simulator activities before the Mission.


The Simulator Commander is charged with:

  • Selecting a team of dedicated Simulators
    • Farmiliarizing the simulators with all mission parameters
    • Planning simulation techniques to adequately simulate all forseable scenarios
    • Planning disaster simulations
  • Acquiring all necessary props to accomplish simulation objectives
  • Orchestrating the creation of the Planetary Surface
  • Planning Simulator shifts during the Mission, possibly in concert with the Mission Control Commander

Mission Control Commander

It is recommended that the Simulator Commander and Mission Control Commander work out, before the Mission, how much the Mission Control Commander needs to be involved with Simulator activities.

There are several scenarios in which the Mission Control Commander will need to work heavily with the Simulator Commander:

  • If there are too few Mission Control Staff, the Mission Control Commander may need to request replacements from the Simulator Commander
  • If the astronauts encounter unforeseen and unplanned difficulties, the Mission Control Commander may need to ask for either a solution or a reprieve from the Simulator Commander
  • If Mission Control must go offline briefly, for instance, in tranferring to night shifts, the Mission Control Commander may need to ask the Simulator Commander to simulate Mission Control for a brief period of time.

In the past, sometimes the Simulator Commander and the Mission Control Commander have been the same person.