Coronis 2007

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Mission Patch Not Available
Coronis 2007
Year 2006-07
Mission Destination Comet Borrelly
Mission Dates 27-02-2007 to 3-03-07
Habitat Commander Stefan De Young
Mission Control Commander Brian Foo
Simulator Commander Kevan Adlard

The 2007 Mission to Comet Borrelly, or Mission Coronis, was notable for featuring the new EVA suit, helmets, and the new bunk beds in the longhouse.



Lyra Evans demonstrates the centrifuge used for the plants experiment in Mission Control prior to the liftoff of Coronis 2007.
Experiments were performed to determine such things as
  • the physical surface composition of the comet
  • whether organic compounds were present on the comet
  • whether the Habitat's distance from Earth could be used to aid in parallax calculations
  • what the comet's mass is
  • how plants are affected by spaceflight
    • this experiment was cancelled due to the unexpectedly high power consumption of the centrifuge in which the plants were mounted.

Notable Events

During Mission Coronis, Bunkbedgate occurred. In addition there was a disco dance party in the Interlock on the final night of the mission.

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