Red Sun 2012

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Red Sun 2012
Year 2011-12
Mission Destination Mars
Mission Dates Feb. 28 - Mar. 3, 2011
Habitat Commander Arrian LeClaire
Subcommander Matthew Dunbar
Mission Control Commander Zola Magwood
Simulator Commander Jane MacLeod

The 2012 Mission to Mars, or Mission Red Sun, was the fourth mission in the Hawking III.

Mission Purpose

To provide additional evidence to the ongoing debate as to whether Mars was ever geologically active or any other interesting geological discussions, a team of six astronauts flew to Mars, collected samples, analysed these samples, took photospectro analysis of Phobos and Deimos, and returned to Earth


  • The AYSE drive and the hab were rescued in a prior rescue mission
  • The hab has landed near OCESS and AYSE is in orbit, only a few km lower than the ISS



  • The mission started 12 hours late (an improvement over last year).

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