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The pilot is the member of the astronaut crew responsible for piloting the Habitat. Since this task is extremely important, and difficult to learn, the pilot occupies a place of utmost importance in the flight crew.

Currently, pilots uses the Orbit software to perform the various duties associated with navigating the habitat. Because being a successful pilot often means great familiarity with the said program, pilots often are very well acquainted with the other software involved in the simulation as well. Due to training needs, pilots can often fly the entire Habitat systems, including the engineering software and the EECOM software, provided that simulated disasters do not strike the three software at the same time. The role of GUIDO in MC is closely associated with the job of the pilot, and MC personnel assigned to GUIDO often go through similar trainings. Another side effect of this is manifested in the fact that capable pilots tend to be dedicated and involved members of Spacesim, and often becoming the second in the command chain on board any given mission, assuming that they are not the first.


Since pilot training is not an immediately interesting activity, as well as the extra effort that is needed to master this art as compared to the art of destroying the habitat, most members are not capable of flying as pilot, and the population of capable pilots at any given time has always tended to be low. However, the situation is changing as the Mission Commander and designated pilot Maclean Rouble also happens to be an avid pilot instructor.


Historically, the shuttle would also have a pilot; This would require Alpha driving skills.