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Patch jupiter98.jpg
Admiral Craig Hussey
Mission Commanders Daniel Kekez, Jamie Rosen
EEP Commanders Marlene Keeley, Terri Oda
Planetarium Commanders Marlene Keeley, Terri Oda
Mission Name Jupiter 1998
Mission Destination Jupiter's Atmosphere
Mission Dates 03-03-1998 to 06-03-1998
Location Ottawa Tech
Mission Astronauts Adam Feiner, Peter Oakham, Jamie Rosen, Eilzabeth Smith, Emily Thorn, Emily Tyson, Meghan Roberts (backup)
Webmaster Avi Caplan
PR Director N/A
Office Director N/A
Membership Unknown

No exchange took place in 1997-98.

At the end of this school year, a ten year anniversary gathering were held for alumni and past/present teacher advisers.

Task Forces

Leader Terri Oda
Purpose Designing and programming software, doing system administration, setting up videoconferencing, fixing robots, etc.
Members No Consistent Members

Web Development Team
Leader Avi Caplan
Purpose Design and provide content for the website
Members Daniel Kekez, Geoffrey Oakham, Jason Cobill, Adam Elliott, Meghan Roberts, Terri Oda, Asad Sayeed

Website Content Creators
Leader [[]]
Purpose Provide content for the website
Members Katie Blakley, Avi Caplan, Adam Elliott, Andria Green, Marlene Keeley, Daniel Kekez, Geoffrey Oakham, Emile Papadopoulos, Meghan Roberts, Jamie Rosen, Asad Sayeed, Elizabeth Smith, Emily Tyson, Vivien Milat

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