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For many years, the OCESS ran a student exchange with its sister program in Lexington, South Carolina, run out of Lexington High School (LHS). Two or three students from each program were sent to participate in the mission run by the other. Both missions were run simultaneously, usually with some form of continuous communication between the two mission control sites (via webcam, for example).

Unfortunately, the last exchange took place in 1999. The following year saw the collapse of the LHS program when its teacher-advisor transferred to a different school, and the student membership was unable to continue on its own.

Exchanges with Lexington

Exchanges took place in the following years: 1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99.

Exchange with Florida

An exchange took place in the 2001-02 year with a new school in Florida. Unfortunately, their space simulation group was disbanded the following year, and there have been no exchanges since.

Exchange with Richmond Hill

An exchange with a group in Richmond Hill (near Toronto) called the Richmond Hill H.S. Aeronautics and Space Association (RASA) was in negotiations in 2007-08. RASA leader Andy Chen and OCESS Sub-Commander Anthony Xing attempted to either bring some RASA members to Ottawa to participate or to set up a video conference and telemetry with a shadow Mission Control in Toronto. However, both plans failed to come to fruition, and RASA has since become defunct after Andy Chen's graduation.