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Andy Chen is an example of the value of Spacesim's attendance at UTSDC. He graduated from Richmond Hill High School in Toronto in 2009, after meeting Spacesim members at UTSDC. He later attempted to form what was a short-lived spacesim at his high school; this is a lesson in the reasons that we should always attend UTSDC.


This bio was written by Chen during 2008-09: "Andy Chen is this year's exchange astronaut from the Richmond Hill High School Aeronautics and Space Association (based in Richmond Hill, north of Toronto). Born in China, he has spent high school in Richmond Hill. He has extensive interests in mathematics, physics, software development, and sports. He aspires to be a real astronaut and a test pilot for high-performance aircraft. His first dream is to popularize space exploration among Canadian high schools. Unfortunately, due to complications involving school board approval, Mr. Chen was unable to attend this year's mission."