Daniel Kekez

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Daniel Kekez
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 1998-99
Institution UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
Current Occupation Electronics and Software Developer
Former Positions Mission Commander, Webmaster, EEP Commander

Daniel Kekez is an alumnus of the OCESS, and is the current web administrator for the OCESS. He has flown as an astronaut and been both a Mission Commander and EEP Commander.


Daniel maintains the server hosting the Lisgar Alumni Association's website, and that same server hosts all of the OCESS's web holdings as well. He is listed as the "Tech" in the WhoIs information about the spacesim.org domain, and the website is registered as being owned by the OCDSB.


Daniel has been a judge at the University of Toronto Space Design Contest, and he has provided Spacesim teams with an additional tour of the microsatellite design laboratory at UTIAS in addition to the regular tour.