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Admiral Unknown
Mission Commanders N/A
EEP Commanders N/A
Planetarium Commanders N/A
Mission Name Luna 1990
Mission Destination Earth's Moon
Mission Dates Unknown
Location Unknown
Mission Astronauts Unknown
Webmaster N/A
PR Director N/A
Office Director N/A
Membership Unknown

1989-90 was a year where the OCESS did not exist, however, Lisgar students (the base for OCESS members) went on an exchange program to the ISSS in the United States to see how their spacesim was run. Participating remotely in this mission were schools in Franklin, Indiana, El Paso, Texas, Columbia, Missouri, and Lake County, Illinois.

In 2009-10, James Wood contacted the Spacesim commanders and gave them a large list of contributors during this year. That email is the source of almost all of what we now know about this year.

Location: Houston, Texas, USA. McCullough High School.

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