James Wood

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James Wood was a member of the ISSS at McCullough High School in the Woodlands, Texas, before Ottawa had a Space Simulation. He was a member in the years 1988-89, 1989-90, and 1990-91. During his first two years in the Simulation he served as a Computer Specialist and in his final year he was an astronaut. In 2009-10 he sent an email to the Spacesim commanders with pages of information regarding members during his years in the Simulation. Current members retain his contact information and he has since shared more information as well as pictures. James Wood also offered to ask a contact who has done patch work for NASA to help design the Mission Daedalus patch. The club is indebted to James Wood for his generosity, and he has stated on multiple occasions that he is happy to help out any surviving SpaceSim.