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Mission 1992-93.png
Admiral Terry Pritchett
Mission Commanders Jennifer Kassie
EEP Commanders N/A
Planetarium Commanders N/A
Mission Name Luna 1993
Mission Destination Luna
Mission Dates February 15-19
Location 440 Albert
Mission Astronauts Unknown
Webmaster N/A
PR Director N/A
Office Director N/A
Membership Unknown

Excerpt from Vox Lycei 1993:

Mission Control in 1992-93.
Yearbook group photo.

"In mid-February, five students from South Carolina's Lexingon High School came up here to the Great White North and four Lisgarites went down to summer-like climes to take part in the 1993 International Student Space Simulation. Lisgar has been participating in the ISSS for the past five years but this was only the second year that Ottawa had held its own simulation. The Lexington students were welcomed to Lisgar in an assembly during the morning before "liftoff". This annual events gives students from Canada and the United States the opportunity to share common interests, exchange southern "y'all"s and Canadian "eh"s and have a lot of fun."


  • Mission: Mars
  • Dates: February 12-22
  • Astronauts: Kajal Khanna, Madhava Enros, Rebecca Jensen-Sage, Kirsten Weisz

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