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Mission 1991-92.png
Admiral Terry Pritchett
Mission Commanders Kirsten Weisz
EEP Commanders N/A
Planetarium Commanders N/A
Mission Name Luna 1992
Mission Destination Earth's Moon
Mission Dates February 17 - 20
Location Sir John A. Macdonald Resource Centre
Mission Astronauts Kirsten Weisz, Neil Fraser, Brad Browne, Jenn Kassie
Webmaster N/A
PR Director N/A
Office Director N/A
Membership Unknown

1991-92 is the first year where recorded history shows that a mission was held in Ottawa by the OBESS. It involved a Lunar Habitat, which was constructed by the cooperation of two high schools, Lisgar Collegiate Institute and Highland Park High School, and designed by Kirsten Weisz and David Junk. Exchange students from South Carolina, Houston, and Montreal participated in this inaugural mission.


Yearbook photo.

Vox Lycei had the following write-up for The International Student Space Simulation at Lisgar.

One small step for science, one huge bound for Lisgar. The OBE Student Space Simulation enjoyed a very prestigious year. Not only did we conduct our first simulated space mission [sic] but we also hosted exchange students from South Carolina, Houston and Montreal. Local sponsors such as Spar, Systemhouse, Carleton, GNR and Lockheed supported us financially, and a partnership with Highland Park made the mission possible. Thanks to the entire team and especially Mr. Pritchett who worked so hard. Kirsten Weisz.

A shirt made for the 1991-92 mission. Note the Canadarm.
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