Director of Training

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The Director of Training is responsible for ensuring the members of OCESS are adequately trained. They should be capable of training an untrained member in all software, or be capable of referring them to another trainer.


The Director of Training is a Director in the 2010-11 administration. The decision of Commanders and Subcommanders still overrule the Director of Training's decisions in regard to any aspects of training.

Source of Power

The Director of Training has the power to strongly suggest for people to train in a position in which they would otherwise not be contributing to the overall productivity of OCESS.

Director of Training Positions

The three directors of training are of the same rank and operate separately except for training events or other things of that nature.

Director of Flight Training

This director oversees flight training. This position is currently held by Jibrael Rolston.

Director of Simulator Training

This director oversees simulator training. This position is currently held by Erdem Yanikomeroglu.

Director of Engineering and Eecom Training

This director oversees engineering and eecom training. This position is currently held by Benjamin Wilkins.