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Directors of Resources are directors tasked with organizing all of the components of Spacesim. There are currently three Resource Directors who each have control over a certain area of Spacesim. One is in charge of Keplernicus, one in charge of the Spacesim Office and one in charge of everything else. Directors must clean and organize all physical aspects of Spacesim and tasked with finding items that cannot be found. One of the Directors of Resources is designated as the Overlord and is in charge of the other two as well as all other areas of storage.


The Director of Resources is a Director in the 2010-11 administration. The decision of Commanders and Subcommanders still overrule the Director of Resources's decisions in regard to storage.

Previous Positions

Pre-2010-11, the Quartermaster was the equivalent to the current Director of Resources in terms of responsibility.

Source of Power

Director of Resources are usually people who have a thorough understanding of the organizational system of Keplernicus, the Spacesim Office, and the rest of Spacesim and knows the position of items therein. The directors should be consulted whenever something cannot be found.

Director of Resources Positions

The director of resources position was split into 3 roles with the rest of the director positions in 2015. The role that currently reflects the old director of resources the most in now the director of resources supervisor.

Director of Resources Supervisor

The director of resources supervisor is in charge of the two director of resources sub positions, the director of resources office and the director of resources keplernicus, and oversees the organisation of all items that spacesim owns. This position is currently held by Nova Kelly.

Director of Resources Office

The director of resources office is in charge of organizing the spacesim office. This position is currently held by Helen Engelhardt.

Director of Resources Keplernicus

The director of resources keplernicus is in charge of organizing the keplernicus and the spacesim location at 440 Albert. This position is currently held by Gareth Adamson.