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Spacesim has many objects that are given names for sentimentality and notability. Names are practical for computers, but for other objects they are simply a matter of fun.


Doyle A large television in Mission Control used to monitor a Control Room camera. During Mission Genesis 2009, Doyle was used to watch the horror movie Cloverfield. Named after the writer
Glorfindel An extremely large television in the Habitat used to monitor Mission Control and parts of the Habitat. Named after the fictional character
Jack-O-Lantern A small television in the Control Room across from its twin, Pumpkin. Jack-O-Lantern is used to view the longhouse. It is named Jack-O-Lantern because it looks exactly like Pumpkin, even mirroring its orange display settings. Jack-O-Lantern was found early in 2010.
Pumpkin A small television in the Control Room used to view Mission Control. It is named Pumpkin because it only displays in orange-tinged grayscale. It formerly lived in the Simulator Loft and in the Hawking II's Mission Control.
Rutherford A small television in the Habitat used to monitor the Airlock and Hotlab using a handy switch made by Ben Paul. Named after the physicist
Peeping Tom A small television in the sim loft that is used by the simmies to monitor the astros.


Betty and Veronica A set of 4-foot speakers formerly used to amplify CAPCOM transmissions in Mission Control, named after the comics characters
Bob and Doug (Deceased) A set of small speakers used at work sessions to play music. Named after the Canadian sketch comics Bob and Doug McKenzie. Currently non-functional
Engine A single very powerful speaker, used to blast engine noises throughout the habitat. Engine currently resides in the Engineering Closet

Other items

Bibble A fan that vibrates oddly and slowly moves across whichever surface it is on. Named after Bibble on the kids show Polka Dot Shorts, a furry being which vibrated and purred.
Harolde (Deceased) A power supply with an abnormally large, red power switch that was jury-rigged to a makeshift simulator switch box meant to turn off lights in sections of the Habitat. Harolde was part of the box of objects left on comet Kenny-Kumar during Genesis 2009. From at least 2004-05 until 2006-07 Harolde supplied power to the MC Receiver, which allowed Mission Control to listen in on all radio chatter, excluding the secure CAPCOM.
Kelvin and Amundsen The fridge and freezer within, respectively. Named after the physicist and the arctic explorer.
MC Hammer A hammer that resides in Mission Control eponymous to Brian Foo's nickname, itself a joke referencing rapper MC Hammer
Planck A plank of 2x4 wood, affectionately known as "Planck the Plank" after the physicist
The Hulk A bizarre, translucent, rolled-up green binder that contains all of the procedures. It resides in the Spacesim Office on top of a filing cabinet, except during missions, when it does its very best to hide from Mission Control.
Thomson A microwave, named after the physicist. This is a pun, since Thomson created the Plum Pudding Model of the atom.