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Category Comet
Size Not Verified
Orbited Body Sol
Periapsis Not Verified
Apoapsis Not Verified
Time Delay Not Calculated
Type of Visit Main Mission

Note that this object's name and classification are not recognised by any non-OCESS group

Comet Kenny-Kumar was a side destination of the 2008-09 mission Genesis, whose main destination was Iapetus. While en route to Iapetus, the Habitat landed on this comet, and used engine thrust to change its flight path.

Origin of Name

The name of this comet originated from an EVA that took place on the comet. Since the Astronauts were uncertain of if they would have time to land and conduct an EVA on Iapetus, they decided to leave the Canadian flag and a box of objects containing the recently deceased Harolde the Power Supply on Kenny-Kumar. While on the EVA on Kenny-Kumar, the Astronauts spotted a land-form that appeared to look like a human with a tight hoodie on similar to Kenny McCormick from the animated television show South Park. This landform they saw was actually Arrian Amir-Rafiei sitting in a bad hiding spot. The astronauts, then having to name the comet, took the name "Kenny" from the strange form they saw and "Kumar" from the movie Harold and Kumar due to the fact that "Harolde" was an important object being left on the comet.


Should any life be found on Kenny-Kumar in the future, they would be called Kennyans, after Powerthirst. Alternatively, if Kenny-Kumar is terraformed or a base is established, any humans living there would be called Kennyans.