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The OCESS has occupied three locations over the 22 years of its existence. For the first three years, when there was no permanent Habitat, the location is unknown, though Sir John A. Macdonald Resource Centre was used in 1991-92 and at the latest until 1993-94. In 1994-95, the then school board, the Ottawa Board of Education (now the OCDSB), provided an administrative building located at 440 Albert Street, previously known as Ottawa Tech. The OCESS occupied a room that had been used previously as a car mechanic's classroom, and had the space to fit several cars simultaneously.

In 1998, the school board began the process of selling 440, and the OCESS was forced to move to another location: the Ottawa Carleton Educational Media Centre. A room on the second floor was remodeled and wired specifically for the OCESS, and missions were run there for approximately three years. At this point, the space in the Media Centre was required by the board. Fortunately, 440 had not been sold after all, and the OCESS was given back its original location at 440 Albert (also known as Ottawa Technical High School, or Ottawa Tech), where it remains to this day.

440 Albert houses our mission control facilities, the habitat, our planetary surface, simulator stations, EEP staging grounds, and the Storage Modules.