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The planetary surface is an empty area next to the Habitat at our 440 Albert Street Administrative Centre facility. It occupies the area around the Habitat, from the Storage Modules to the Simulator Area - spanning about halfway around the Habitat perimeter. The planetary surface is located next to the door to the mason area, and is thus a major source of Spacesim's dust problem. The planetary surface can be accessed by the "This Is Not A Door" door, and should not be accessed during a mission by any Mission Control staff.

The area of the planetary surface can be altered by erecting walls and barriers to partition the area for other uses.


During regular Spacesim operations (not during the Mission), the planetary surface is used to store miscellaneous materials, construction of furniture and other fixtures, and other general uses.

During the Mission, the planetary surface serves to simulate the surroundings of the vessel. It is usually decorated by the Planetary Surface Crew and Simulators to resemble the surface of a planet or asteroid being visited. Usually, there will be scientific materials on the planetary surface and unique structures for the astronauts to examine.


The planetary surface is believed to contain large Hab Gnome populations, as its isolation and dust-rich environment is extremely attractive to the gnomes.

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