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Earthquakes are disasters that are felt as tremors at the surface of a solid mission destination.

Within the Habitat, Earthquakes are usually mostly heard rather than felt. Though the walls will sometimes shake and may breach depending on the severity of the quake.


The name "earthquakes" can be taken to be geocentric, and it is appropriate to name a tremor based on the name of the planet on which it is experienced. For example: Mars-quake or Europa-quake. However, the general term "earth" has been attributed to soils of all kinds, and it could thus be appropriate to term a Mars-quake an Earthquake.

Red Dawn 2008

During Red Dawn 2008, the Habitat encountered many earthquakes on Mars. This prompted Lyra Evans, Simulator Commander known for her horrible spelling, to send "beets me, ur getting an earthquack" on AUXCOM.

Daedalus 2010

During Daedalus 2010, the Habitat landed along a fault line on Europa. Towards the end stages of the mission, a large tremor was experienced. The tremor resulted in the erupting of a large sub-europan geyser into the washroom. The Habitat was forced to abandon Europa as a result.