Revenge Mission

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The Revenge Mission occurs sometime in the late spring or early summer after a mission, and is usually the last training mission of the year. In a revenge mission, the simulators from the last mission are generally the astronauts and the astronauts the simulators. It started as a way for the astronauts to take revenge on the simulators for the injustices heaped upon them during the mission. Revenge missions may contain terrorists, Immortal Space Pirates and other irreverent figures.

Revenge Missions

The last revenge mission for four years occurred at the end of 2006-07, when the astronauts were sent to a Russian space station (no, not Mir) to retrieve three cosmonauts.

The revenge mission of 2007-08 was cancelled when Spacesim was forced to relocate.

The revenge mission was then rejuvenated for the year 2009-10, and again for 2010-11.