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A potential disaster that may be initiated by the simulators is a terrorist attack on either the Habitat or Mission Control. This disaster is usually chosen in order to bring a Mission to a quick end.

Best Practices

  • The terrorist attack disaster usually involves various imitation firearms, such as Nerf or cap guns.
  • Members of either the Habitat or Mission Control crews should be Simulators in disguise
  • Bizarre costumes and identities are allowed, if not suggested


This disaster is restricted to training missions and Revenge Missions and should not be used during the main mission. In addition, Training Missions should focus more on hijacking rather than on terrorist attacks.

Terrorist Mission History

First Mission

The first recorded terrorist mission was the revenge mission of the 2005-06 year. Stefan De Young took command of the Simulators for that mission. Crewing the mission were the simulators from that year's mission to Titan.

The premise of the mission was that a terrorist group, perhaps affiliated with the Soviet Union, had established a military base and mining operation on Ceres. Unfortunately, due to lack of piloting ability, the crew was unable to land until Alpha time constraints forced the mission to end.

The only real terrorist activity carried out during the mission was the clandestine infiltration of Mission Control. The simulators hoped to give Mission Control a bit more excitement than they had experienced during Prometheus.

Latest Mission

The latest terrorist mission was a minimission in the 2014-15 year. Executed by Acting Commander Spencer Whitehead and Lieutenant Maxim Billig, the plan was to use weapons smuggled inside a violin case to orchestrate Mission Control's downfall. After escorting the astronauts out of C&C, the team attempted to sell the Habitat to Russia. Unfortunately, nobody was watching EECOM, which incited a chain of events that led to the death of every astronaut on board.

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