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Category Moon
Size Spherical; r = 1821km
Orbited Body Jupiter
Periapsis Not Verified
Apoapsis Not Verified
Time Delay Not Calculated
Type of Visit Main Mission

Io is a moon of Jupiter.

Spacesim Missions

Spacesim has visited Europa twice as a main mission destination:

Spacesim Findings

Volcanic Activity

Io is covered with hundreds of active volcanic vents. During Io 2000, debris from eruptions hit the hab, causing two power failures and a severe breach in the habitat wall.

One of the goals of Daedalus 2010 was to take samples of volcanic dust for analysis.

Magnetic Activity

On Io 2000, magnetic disturbances in Io's atmosphere caused problems with the electronics and network connections in the Interlock. After the disturbances ceased, there was still electronic interference; the astronauts discovered electromagnetic rocks on the surface.

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