Chocolate Cars

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

Chocolate cars are car-shaped confections, composed of a solid, heterogeneous mixture of crisped rice (containing sugar) and chocolate mix (also containing sugar). There are two common types of wrappers, one of which says "DuPont" while the other says "Lowe's", as well as an ultra-rare "Home Depot" wrapper and a not as rare but nonetheless uncommon "Dodge" car in a red wrapper. Only two of these unique creatures have been observed, both in their natural habitat. They come in cylindrical plastic containers and are purchased at Loblaws by Ben. These containers (and the wrappers of the candy they formerly contained) can be found in the Sim Office as of the current year. The hide/wrapper of a rare "Home Depot" organism was deposited on top of the flight computer when Bryn mistakenly ate it. Currently an orange car still enveloped in its wrapper lies dormant where its fallen brother once stood.

Nutritional Information

These candies, while euphoria/delusion inducing, are quite unhealthy. As per the "Nutritional Information" on the backs of containers, only four cars contain 61% of one's daily recommended saturated and trans fats intake, thus helping Spacesim members to early deaths at the hands of Death of Heart Attacks Related to Eating Unhealthy Candy. This is really a much better death than being burninated or slowly suffocating when the simulators poke a hole in the Interlock.

Equally Sugary Alternatives

Ben has also brought in bags of marshmallow cones and marshmallows coated with coconut shavings that were reduced to only forty cents a bag. After Lyra got her hands on some of the aforementioned marshmallows, she and Daisy requested that Ben pick up more marshmallows, giving him money to help with the accomplishment of this task.