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Admiral Jim Magwood
Mission Commander Matthew Dunbar
Deputy Mission Commander Patrick Melanson
Education Commander Richard Hum
Deputy Education Commander Nicole Chassin
Director of Web and Archives Max Jeffcott
Director of Training Soren Wainio-Theberge
Mission Patch: TBD
Mission Name Pritchett 2013
Mission Destination Mersereau 2012 A
Mission Dates April 2-6
Location 440 Albert
Membership 33


Previous Year This Year Next Year
2011-12 2012-13 2013-14

Task Forces

Sound Systems
Leader Richard Hum
Purpose To construct and maintain the sound system of the habitat. Includes wire tap, CAPCOM speakers, and background engine noises
Members Richard Hum

Mersereau Observation
Leader Danica Brockwell
Purpose To gather data regarding Mersereau 2012 A, a recently-discovered rogue planet. Includes blue-shift and parallax calculations
Members Danice Brockwell

Door-swing inhibitors
Leader Richard Hum
Purpose To prevent the sliding doors from swinging in and out
Members TBD