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A fire alarm Alpha incident in March 2010

The Alpha Reality is the actual reality of everyday life. It is the opposite of the Beta Reality, which is the reality of the world of the Mission.

Alpha Incidents

Alpha incidents are situations outside of the simulation. Alpha emergencies usually result in evacuation, and if an astronaut is seriously ill they will be removed. Examples of Alpha incidents include:

  • fire alarms
  • an actual injury sustained by an astronaut
  • real sickness aboard the habitat

Solutions for Alpha Incidents

In order to maintain some semblence of Mission Integrity, excuses must be made for Alpha Incidents within the Beta Reality.

  • Fire Alarms: These are extremely difficult to excuse, as they involve exiting the building during the mission and crossing the street. The most common excuse in the Beta Reality is that some hallucinogenic chemical caused the entire crew to believe that they were standing outside in downtown Ottawa with the members of Mission Control.
  • Injury or Sickness: An astronaut who is seriously hurt or ill is generally placed in the airlock and vented, which kills them in the Beta Reality and allows them to leave. The venting of an innocent astronaut is usually excused as an accident. This solution means that the astronaut cannot return aboard the habitat.

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