Evacuation (alpha procedures)

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General Procedure

This is a full evacuation of the Habitat modules. All astronauts are to exit immediately by way of the predetermined escape routes. The teacher advisor or designate shall be the last to evacuate.

Primary Evacuation Routes
  • Mission control: out the door to the hallway, turn to the right, then left down the stairs and out the door to the right.
  • Longhouse, Washroom and Interlock: out the longhouse exit door, turn left, out the door to the hallway, turn to the right, left down the stairs and out the door to the right.
  • HotLab:
    • Hotlab Fire: exit via interlock.
    • Other Fires: push out the break-away wall, proceed through the opening, three left turns around the interlock to the stairs, up the stairs and out the exit door.

If the main door to the hallway is blocked, Mission Control and astronauts are to proceed through the Airlock exit, through the back door and outside.

Secondary Evacuation Routes
  • Mission control: for fires in the hallway area, proceed through the door by the file cabinet and follow hotlab escape route or proceed through the door by the network tower and follow the interlock escape route.
  • Habitat:
    • Fires in the Habitat: alternate exits from the habitat may be selected based on the location of a fire. Follow the appropriate evacuation route for a given exit.
    • Fires outside the habitat near the exit door: from the habitat exit, proceed into mission control via the nearest door and follow the mission control evacuation route.

Extreme Hazard Procedure

Evacuate Habitat by the closest route, avoiding any damaged, malfunctioning, or contaminated modules, taking extreme care to not touch the hull at any time.

Evacuation and Sealing Procedure

As each module is evacuated, it is to be sealed off from the rest of the Habitat, taking care to not obstruct other astronauts' escape routes. The Mission Commander is then to terminate all power systems (P4.3.5), and proceed with evacuation (P6.2.1).