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Admiral Dr. James Magwood
Mission Commander Nevin Hotson
Mission Lt. Commander Anthony Xing
EEP Commander Jeff Gao
Planetarium Commander Jen Li
Mission Name Red Dawn
Mission Destination Mars
Mission Dates 26-02-2008 to 1-03-08
Location Ottawa Tech
Mission Astronauts Nevin Hotson (Habitat Commander), Anthony Xing (Pilot), Maclean Rouble (Copilot), Daisy Wong, Matt Farkas-Dyck, Ben Paul
Webmaster Nevin Hotson
Quartermaster Lyra Evans
UTSDC Team Anthony Xing, Ben Paul, Daisy Wong, Maclean Rouble, and Arthur Quang
UTSDC Rank 3rd
Membership TBD


Mission Red Dawn was carried out in 2008.

In the spring, Spacesim was temporarily prevented from using the facilities due to fire hazards. Spacesim remained in limbo until 2008-09, when the club was forced to move rooms, allowing the old room to be used for the growing masonry department at 440 Albert.

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